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Learn what to expect when accessing your workspace and how to navigate it.

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Workspaces can be found in the left hand navigation bar. This area contains a list of all the runbooks that have been created in that workspace. They are a dedicated space for team collaboration where you can access folders, runbooks, and other features.

Access your workspace

Access your workspace on the left-hand side panel of your Cutover page. All your workspaces are listed underneath the Workspaces section.

Access your workspace dashboard, runbooks, templates, snippets and central teams via the menus at the top of the workspace page (see item 1 in the image below). Your workspace views (list, timeline, and table) are accessible on the Runbooks page (see item 2 in the image below).

Workspace features

See our image below which shows the different menus and features that are available.

  1. Workspace menu and Saved views: Quick access to see all runbooks, templates, and any personal or public saved filters.

  2. Workspace Menu:

    1. Dashboards

    2. Runbooks

    3. Templates

    4. Snippets

    5. Central Teams

  3. Filters, folders, and search:

    1. Quick filters

    2. Applied filters

Folders and other filter options

  4. Create Runbook

  5. Runbook views and More options

  6. Runbook type (icon), name, ID, and other runbook details

  7. Runbook date, time, and status

Note: Depending on the role(s) you have been assigned, some icons or features may not be available to you.

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