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Learn how to utilize fixed start time and its behavior during a live run.

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In our latest release, we have made improvements to the way the “Fixed Start Time” task option behaves during a live run. When a Runbook Admin adds a fixed start time to a task, the task will be locked and unable to start by the assigned teams and users until the set date and time has been met – even if the predecessor has been completed. Admins have the ability to override and start the tasks early if required. “True” Fixed Start Time brings greater control and precision when executing your runbooks.

In this article, we will go through what is “True” Fixed Start Time and what to expect during a live run.

What is “True” Fixed Start Time and how to set it up

The fixed start time option allows runbook admins to add a date and time to define when a particular task should be actioned by the assigned teams and users within a runbook. It provides greater visibility and control on tasks that are time dependent.

The improved fixed start time is automatically enabled for ALL tasks that have the “add fixed start time” option available in the task detail panel. Tasks with a fixed start time will have the letter “F” followed by the time on the left hand side of the tasks icon.

Cutover default task types that have the fixed start time option available:

  1. Normal

  2. Validation

  3. Milestone

Note: Custom task types with fixed start time option will also have the "True” fixed start time available. The “True” fixed start time will not be available for tasks with “auto start” enabled.

“True” Fixed Start Time during a live run

The “True” fixed start time will only be available during a live run.

Once the tasks’ dependencies have been met (i.e predecessors have been complete) but the fixed start time condition is not yet met, instead of displaying the play icon to indicate the task is ready to start, a clock icon will be shown instead to indicate it is locked. If the assigned teams and users click on the clock icon, a message will appear to instruct users that the tasks can only be started at the given planned date and time.

Runbook admins can override the “True” Fixed Start Time by clicking on the clock icon, the same message will appear but with the additional option to start the task early.

Automated task notification

Task start notification will still be sent as soon as the predecessors have been completed, but the notification will inform the assigned users and teams it has a fixed start date and time and to contact your Runbook Admin if required.

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