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Searchable Custom Fields Overview
Searchable Custom Fields Overview

Learn more about searchable custom fields.

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Searchable custom fields allow you to search for an external data source from a custom field located within the Edit Task or Runbook Edit panel. This feature is useful when needing to quickly surface and take action on data that is stored in other systems and is updated frequently in third-party apps. As a result, you can execute runbooks with up-to-date information, allowing you to perform tasks without jumping between tools.

This benefits users such as Release Managers, Product Managers, DevOps Engineers, and Support Engineers using the Cutover platform. For example, thirty percent of engineers' time is dedicated to searching for data across multiple tools, which can make it difficult to find necessary data effectively.

The searchable custom fields feature allows for less time spent copying and pasting data between tools, which also reduces the risk of any errors when transferring or copying information.

Searchable custom fields overview

To use the search feature, simply enter a search term in the custom field area within the Edit Task panel and hit Enter. The search will return results and you can make selections from the returned data.

In the below example, the image displays results that are returned when using searchable custom fields to search for data. The postcode field illustrates the search, while the highlighted orange box indicates the returned data.

Values can be refreshed so that current data is updated appropriately.

Feature constraints and requirements

Prior to enabling searchable custom fields in your Cutover instance, being aware of any constraints is useful in determining whether this feature will benefit your specific use case. The following constraints are listed below:

  • Currently, a searchable custom field can only query data from one endpoint at a time.

  • When searching by an exact primary key, the first result returned must be the single and only result you wish to be displayed.

  • A value nested within an array cannot be displayed at this time. For example, address.postcodeParts[0].

  • Endpoints will need to support wildcard queries in order to search without a full match. For example, searching the terms "super" or "car" will return the term "SuperCar.

  • Currently, a searchable custom field only supports one value stored per searchable custom field.

  • Searchable custom fields are designed to work at the task level.

To enable searchable custom fields, you'll first need to provide Cutover’s Solutions Team with an endpoint to query. This feature can support almost any JSON endpoint.

Additional necessary details are needed as follows:

  • The URL of the endpoint that is being queried.

  • Which field is the primary field — this is needed for the display in Cutover's user interface and the field where you would enter your searches.

  • The labels of all fields in the dataset and examples of values for each field.

Set up searchable custom fields

Searchable custom fields can be enabled by Cutover. Please contact your Customer Service Manager for further details on set up.

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