Manage Runbook Details

Learn how to access and edit the details of a runbook.

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Runbooks can be edited at any time via the Runbook Details menu.

In this article, we'll cover how to access and manage your runbook details.

Access the runbook details menu

Runbook admins can update and manage the details of a runbook at any time via the Runbook Details menu. To access the menu, visit the runbook you'd like to edit and click the Runbook Details icon on the right-hand side of the screen:

Manage runbook details

The Runbook Details menu allows you to view and edit the runbook title, timezone, display settings, and more.

  • Runbook Title: Edit the name of the runbook.

  • Folder: Update the folder the runbook is located in within your workspace.

  • Default timezone: Set a default runbook time zone. Users who are in a different time zone will see the default timezone and their local timezone displayed side by side in the task list. All other time zones will be shown in the default runbook time zone.

  • Timing mode: This is a read-only field within the Runbook Details menu. To update the timing mode, click the cog icon next to the runbook title.

  • Scheduled Start/End: The runbook's scheduled start and end time. The scheduled end is calculated based on the scheduled start and duration of all tasks.

  • Auto Start: If the runbook will start automatically at a scheduled time and date.

  • Planned End: The date and time the last task is planned to finish.

  • Runbook Status: Assign a RAG status to the runbook.

Display settings

In the Display Settings section of the Runbook Details menu, you can change the runbook type, display team and user names, substreams in their parent color, and task descriptions on task start.

Other details

  • Description: Enter a description for your runbook.

  • Created by: View who created the runbook.

  • Created at: The date the runbook was created.

  • Updated at: The day the runbook was last updated.

Webhooks incoming

View the runbook and runbook version URL for incoming runbooks.

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