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Assign Runbook Teams and Users to Tasks
Assign Runbook Teams and Users to Tasks

Learn how to assign teams and users to tasks.

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In this article, we'll cover how you can assign teams and users to tasks.

Assign teams and users to tasks

Note: Only users who are assigned to a runbook (as a Runbook Admin, Stream Editor, or Team Member) can access that runbook. In other cases, a user must have a stakeholder role in the workspace or folder where the runbook resides to access it. If a user does not have a role at the workspace level, they cannot be added to any teams.

A team or user can be assigned to a task in the Task Details Panel within the Assigned Users & Teams section.

View runbook users

All users in a runbook are visible in the Runbook Users table. To view, click the cog icon next to your runbook title.

Runbook users and their attributes are displayed in a sortable table. To export this table, click the More options icon in the upper right-hand corner of the table, then Export users.

Select whether to export it in CSV or Excel format, then click Export users.

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