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Extend the value of your IT Service Management Solution (ITSM) in Cutover

Cutover’s integration with ITSM solutions, helps you effectively deliver technology change, while maintaining operational excellence. By leveraging the power of your ITSM and Cutover, you can simplify your technology changes by planning, orchestrating and analyzing change through Cutover while facilitating governance and compliance activities in your ITSM. Here’s how it works:

Simply link a single or multiple change requests to Cutover. Your ITSM change requests are linked to a Cutover runbook; enabling you to execute tasks associated with the change. Simply create a runbook and link to your ITSM change request. The change request will show the status and window.

Check the change request status and change window. All the relevant data from your ITSM is visible in Cutover including who approved the change request and which team is working on it.

Start your runbook and the change request will automatically update in your ITSM to show that it’s in progress. Cutover will also capture the start and end times; which will be fed back into your ITSM - this is useful for auditing and governance.

When your runbook is complete, you can complete the associated change request with a status and notes that will feed back into your ITSM.

All data associated with your change request is automatically pushed back into your ITSM Solution.

By leveraging Cutover with your ITSM solution, you can be certain that you are effectively managing your technology change initiatives end-to-end. For more information on Cutover’s integration with ITSM solutions, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

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