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Cutover’s Integration Suite encompasses everything you need to create bi-directional Integrations that connect with any third party applications. You can leverage our REST API examples to create inbound calls and use our Cutover API reference documentation and resources to further automate your processes in Cutover. Reduce the time and cost of integration implementation and maintenance by easily connecting Cutover with many commonly used third-party applications such as AWS Service Catalog, Ansible, Jenkins, Microsoft Teams, Slack and many more.

Use our Custom Integrations to allow a seamless flow of data to and from your applications to build and streamline automated tasks and processes:

  • Initiate an outbound action to a third party application such as Jenkins or Ansible from within your task or runbook in Cutover

  • Build sophisticated, automated processes that extend Cutover’s functionality and capabilities

  • Save time and streamline integration maintenance and upgrade processes

  • Reduce risk and increase security with multiple security protocol options (such as Basic Auth, API keys, Bearer Token and OAuth)

To find out about our custom integrations and the capabilities and benefits, please visit our Developer Portal.

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