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Learn how to archive runbooks as a way to organize your workspace.

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You have the ability to archive runbooks to better organize and manage the runbooks in your workspace. In this article, we'll cover how you can archive and restore archived runbooks.

Archive runbooks

Archive runbooks at any time within your workspace. Note that you will need to have a role type that allows you to archive, and manage runbooks.

Archiving a runbook does not fully delete it from your Cutover instance. For any runbook that is archived, it can be restored at any time, though you can only restore runbooks that you have archived.

Archive a single runbook

To archive an individual runbook, navigate to your workspace in your Cutover instance, where you'll find your list of current runbooks. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the runbook you'd like to archive.

  2. Click the Archive icon.

Next, confirm that you'd like to archive your runbook.

Alternatively, if you are already in the runbook you'd like to archive, click Runbook settings > Archive.

Bulk archive runbooks

To archive multiple runbooks at once, you can either click the Select all icon at the top of your runbook list (this would select all runbooks in your workspace) or individually select specific runbooks.

Next, click Archive selected.

Confirm that you'd like to archive the selected runbooks.

Restore an archived runbook

Restore archived runbooks at any time:

  1. Click the More options.

  2. Click Show archived.

Next, restore as many runbooks as needed:

You will see a "success" message that confirms your runbook has been restored and it will appear in your runbook list.

Runbook management icons

When archiving runbooks, you'll notice a few icons and menu options appear alongside the archive icon. In this section, we'll cover the meaning of those icons and their functionalities.

When bulk selecting runbooks, you will notice four edit and management options:

  1. Merge selected: Merge multiple runbooks into a new single runbook, or an existing runbook. Note that you will be unable to merge empty runbooks.

  2. Duplicate selected: Duplicate multiple runbooks into an existing folder or another folder in your workspace.

  3. Edit selected: Edit the name, folder, RAG status, roles, custom fields, and descriptions for multiple runbooks.

  4. Archive selected: Archive multiple runbooks at one time.

When looking to view archived runbooks, you'll notice two additional menu options:

  1. Export: Export the list of runbooks in your workspace in CSV or Excel format.

  2. Show archived: View archived runbooks.

  3. Reload: Refresh the runbook list.

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