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Learn how to create and manage central teams.

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Central teams are pre-defined teams with default users in a runbook that can be copied or linked when creating a runbook team. In this article, we'll cover what central teams are, and how to create and manage them.

Central teams overview

Central teams are pre-defined teams with default users in a runbook that can be copied or linked when creating a runbook team and are created at the workspace level.

Note: When creating a central team, please note that you can only add users to a central team who have already been added as a user in your workspace.

Central teams are used when you have teams that need to be assigned to multiple runbooks. By creating a central team and adding users, you can copy or link any central team to a specific runbook without having to recreate a new team each time. You can read more about creating runbook teams and linked teams here.

Create a central team

To create a central team, be sure that you have one of the below user roles:

  • Central team manager

  • Workspace manager

  • Runbook admin

  • Workspace runbook creator

  • Folder runbook creator

Navigate to and select a workspace in your Cutover instance. Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Central Teams.

  2. Next, click the + icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Create an Individual team or Bulk upload a team.

    1. If you select Individual team, enter the names of the users you would like to add to your team. Click +Add when complete.

    2. If you select Bulk upload, you will need to upload a .CSV file containing the email addresses and the assigned team of the users you wish to add to your central team. Click Upload.


Things to note when bulk uploading a central team

  • If the team name doesn’t exist in the Central Teams list, a new team will be created.

  • If the team does exist and the Overwrite option is not selected, new users will be added to the existing team.

  • If Overwrite is not selected —and the team exists in both the file and the list— the current users will be replaced with those in the file. No changes will be made to the central teams that aren’t in the CSV file.

Manage a central team

Click on a central team in the Central Teams menu to edit the team name and remove/add users.

To remove a team as a central team, click Mark as centralised team > Save. Once this is done, the central team will be archived, and all linked runbook teams will convert to custom teams.

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