Create Runbook Teams

Learn how to create, manage, and view runbook teams.

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When a runbook is created, runbook admins will need to create runbook teams to allow the assignment of users or teams to runbook tasks. In this article, we'll cover how to create and manage runbook teams, linked and custom teams, and how to import users and teams via CSV.

Things to note:

  • To create, view, and manage runbook teams, you will need either the Runbook Administrator, Workspace Runbook Creator, or Folder Runbook Creator role type.

  • A central team needs to be created in order to link and copy a runbook team. A centralized team is created in the workspace settings and is managed at the workspace level by the Workspace Manager or Centralized Team Manager. Read Centralized Teams for further details.

Create runbook teams

Once a runbook is created, runbook admins will need to create runbook teams to allow the assignment of users or teams to your runbook tasks.

To create a runbook team, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the View Users/Teams icon in your runbook.

  2. Click the + icon.

  3. Type the name of your team and select it from the search results.

Assign users and teams to tasks

Assign users to tasks via the Task Details panel, or by opening the View User/Teams panel and dragging the avatar of a user or team to the task of your choosing as pictured below.

Add a linked team

A linked team is identified by the link icon next to the team name and directly syncs to an existing central team in your workspace. To note, central teams and linked teams are not the same. Central teams are the core teams that are part of your workspace, while the linked teams' functionality allows you to link central teams to multiple runbooks as needed.

By adding a central team as a linked team, it allows any changes from the central team to be reflected in all runbooks with the linked team automatically. Learn more about Central Teams in our Help Center.

To add a linked team, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the View Users/Teams icon in your runbook.

  2. Click the + icon.

  3. Type the name of the central team you wish to add and select it from the search results.

Edit, delete, or replace a linked team at any time by clicking More Actions in the linked team panel:

Things to note:

  • When adding a linked team, you can only select one central team at a time. To add multiple linked teams, add a new linked team and select a new central team, repeating the process as many times as needed.

  • Any changes to a central team at the workspace level are automatically reflected in the linked runbook team.

  • Runbook administrators cannot edit linked team names or users. A centralized teams manager or workspace manager will be able to make changes, however.

  • Users in linked teams who are removed from the central team will automatically be removed from the linked runbook team and task assignments. A warning triangle would appear next to the task if a user were individually assigned to tasks.

  • When creating a runbook from a template, merging multiple runbooks, or duplicating from an existing runbook, users will be presented with the option to copy teams as part of the process; any linked teams that are in the runbooks will be added to the new runbook as linked teams.

  • Two teams cannot have the same name. To replace an existing team with a linked team of the same name, archive the existing team and create a new linked team.

Unlink a team

To unlink a team, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the View Users/Teams icon in your runbook.

  2. Click the linked team you would like to unlink.

  3. Click the unlink icon.

  4. Confirm that you would like to unlink the team from your runbook.

Add a custom team

A runbook admin can create custom teams not based on a linked or central team. To add a custom team, follow the steps below:

  1. Click View Users/Teams.

  2. Click the + icon. Enter the name of your custom team.

  3. Click + Create as custom team.

  4. Press Enter to submit.

  5. Click + Add.

Delete or replace a custom team at any time by clicking the name of the custom team > More Options:

Import teams and users

Click More Actions in the Users and Teams menu to bulk upload teams and users via CSV.

You can upload a CSV file containing emails and assigned teams.

Things to note:

  • A new team will be created if a team name doesn’t exist in the runbook teams list.

  • If the team does exist and the Overwrite option is not selected, new users will be appended to the existing team.

  • If the Overwrite option is selected, and the team exists in both the file and the list, the current users will be replaced with those in the file. The runbook teams that aren’t in the file will be removed from the runbook.

  • Only users from the current workspace can be added to a workspace central team.

  • An error will display if there are linked teams in the runbook and in the CSV file. The admin must delete the linked teams' names and users from the CSV file and try again.

For larger bulk uploads of teams and users, allow extra time for the Users and Teams panel to update after completing the upload successfully.

Manage existing runbook users and teams

The runbook people management panel displays how many users or teams you have in a runbook. You can switch the views by clicking on either the Users tab or the Teams tab.

Delete users and view user details

In the Users tab, you will see a list of runbook admins, steam editors, and team members. The permission label next to each user allows you to change user permissions as needed.

To view User Details, click the name of a user. In the User Details panel, you will see what team(s) a user is associated with within the runbook.

To delete a user from a runbook, click the trash can icon.

Note: You cannot remove users from linked teams in the User Details panel. Instead, edit your linked team members via the Central Teams settings.

View, edit, and remove runbook teams

Click the Teams tab in the View Users/Teams panel. You will be able to view the list of teams associated with your runbook.

Click a specific team to edit, replace, or delete. This can be done via the More options icon. Users with the ability to edit central teams (i.e. workspace manager or centralized team manager), will see an Edit Central team for any linked teams in the runbook.

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