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Learn more about how to create a new dashboard in your Cutover instance.

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Data visualization is essential when looking at the performance of runbooks and tasks in your workspace. In this article, we'll cover how to create a dashboard in your Cutover instance.

Create a new dashboard

Workspace managers have the ability to create and manage dashboards.

Click Settings > Dashboard Layouts.

Next, click the blue plus sign on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

In the new dashboard modal, enter and select the following information:

  • Name: Enter a name for the dashboard.

  • Preset: Select a preset from a list of default options.

  • Visibility: Select whether your dashboard is visible to users in all workspaces or visible in a specific workspace.

Click Create.

The following presets are available for you to choose from when creating your dashboard:

  • Dashboard

  • Post Implementation Report

  • Page

  • Linked Runbooks

  • Multi Runbook Dashboard

  • Analytics

  • ARO Trends and History

  • TechRes Event Management

  • Migration Dashboard

  • Event Dashboard

Edit your dashboard

Click your dashboard in the Dashboard Layout list to open the Edit Dashboard modal.

Note: Dashboard category, visibility, and selected workspace cannot be updated after it has been created.

Within this modal, you can:

  • Delete your dashboard

  • Edit your dashboard name

  • Decide to restrict your dashboard to a runbook type

  • Add or remove dashboard components

Add or delete components

Dashboard components further enhance observability across runbooks within a workspace and surface key metrics to analyze your existing runbooks and processes.

Dashboard components can be added or removed in the Components section of the Edit Dashboard modal. At the moment of creation, your dashboard will have a set of components available by default based on the preset dashboard you've selected.

To add a component to your dashboard, click either the plus icon or dropdown arrow. Then, select a component from the dropdown list.

To delete a component, click the X icon. To change the display name of a component, click the gear icon.

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